October 19, 2017

“Welcome, Winter,” I keep repeating, while the temperature drops. “Welcome.”

2017 10 19 up the Yukon

The Ninth Avenue Trail was still passable yesterday and I had a refreshing hike. Not too cold yet.  Yet.

2017 10 19 winter Berton House

My little house is warm and comfortable.

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8 Responses to October 19, 2017

  1. Kate says:

    Small, warm and comfortable is a very good thing. One positive of having a little bit of snow is finding the tracks of all the creatures living and roaming on those trails and around your snug little house.

  2. Sandra Brunetta says:

    Your little temporary home looks like the perfect size! Wish I could drop by for tea. Your downhill skiing is most impressive…. suddenly you are well-balanced? Enjoy your adventure .. time is flying by faster than you on the slopes!

  3. Sandra Brunetta says:

    Could you, or have you already, posted a photo of the plaque outside your door so that I could read it? Thanks. Love you.

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