September 29, 2017

When I was walking the other day I came upon an elderly woman walking her dog. Her pace was slow, her back bent and her legs bowed. Her dog had a similar pace and body structure. I slowed my pace so as not to startle her and stayed behind her until she turned into her own yard. Well, when I walked by her house today I caught her in the act. She was splitting firewood. She lifted her very large axe over her head and slammed it down on the wood and voila, it split perfectly. Not a scene you see every day and note to self: never underestimate anyone.

Then I was walking along the dike and hitch-hiking on the side of the road were two young men looking very much like courier de bois. These weren’t just your average every day hitch-hikers. They were hitch-hiking with large packs and … wait for it … their canoe. They held up a sign that said “Whitehorse”, so they were hopeful that someone with a half-ton would come along willing to take them and their canoe the six-hour drive to Whitehorse. I admired their positive thinking. No one stopped while I was walking, but I wished them luck. I went by a few hours later and they were gone and so was their canoe.

It’s Friday. As I walked home from the grocery store I watched people making plans for the evening and for the weekend and for just a moment I felt very strange, very alone. That’s okay; being alone is a good thing.

I wish I had a photo of the woman chopping wood and I hope I can chop wood when I am her age.

The nights are cooling down. The river looks colder and winter is whispering. “I’m coming for you,” it is saying. Well, winter, bring it on. I’ve got my parka ready.


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