September 25, 2017

The day started out a bit dreary, overcast and rain off and on, but by afternoon it had cleared and was quite lovely out so … I took to the Ninth Avenue Walking Trail. Every day since I got here I have been admiring the white lichen that grows in abundance at the top of the trail beneath the Moosehide Slide.


It is as if lace is growing on the ground. This is Caribou Moss (Cladina species). I found this: “Lichens absorb their food and water through their surface cells, making them an easy target for pollutants in industrial areas.  An area with a healthy lichen population is one with pure clean air.” Well, it grows in abundance around Dawson City so .. I’m guessing the air is very pure and clean here.

caribou moss

caribou moss 2


Remember that building I took a photo of but had no idea what it was and further study was required?  Well, it is the:

Palace Grand Theatre sign

The Palace Grand Theatre has been under restoration for the past two summers and it is hoped to be operational next year. The townspeople are looking forward to the opening of this wonderful theatre.

The Palace Grand Theatre was built in 1899 and was a “lavish theatre in the wilderness”. The Dawson City gold rush boom died almost as quickly as it started. As a result, Arizona Charlie Meadows (who built the theatre) sold it for $17,000 in 1901, which was less than a third of its original cost of construction. “The Palace Grand Theatre was saved from destruction by the Klondike Visitor’s Association in 1959 and was donated to the National Historic Parks branch of the Canadian government, who began replication of the theatre in the early 1960’s.”


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