September 19, 2017

There was a bite to the air this morning as I took myself out for breakfast and to buy a loaf of bread from the bakery. The food at the Cheechako’s Bake Shop is delicious and as I sat eating my breakfast patrons were discussing their upcoming escape to a warm relaxing climate involving a beach, a well-earned rest after a very busy summer, no doubt. I will be sad when the Bake Shop closes in a few weeks.

Riley, a local gardener who takes care of the Berton House flowers etc, came yesterday and pulled out the withered plants and tidied up the gardens. She had her able-bodied four-legged assistant with her. She picked me a lovely bouquet from the remaining blooms. So very thoughtful.

bouquet from garden

So I walked … and walked … and

 view from Moosehide Slide Sept 19

ferry Sept 19

Yukon River Sept 19

This building has been restored, but I don’t know by whom or for what purpose.  Further study required.

building Dawson Sept 19

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4 Responses to September 19, 2017

  1. guylainespencer says:

    Glad to see you are enjoying your retreat! And I didn’t realize you were such a great photographer too! It looks gorgeous there.

  2. Kate says:

    Those flowers look extra large and cheerful. I really like the look of that restored building.
    Maybe a new hotel? Saloon? Bed & Bath? Have your new sheets arrived yet?

  3. My new sheets are on my bed and slept in twice! Fabulous! Life is grand.

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