September 16, 2017

The furnace is repaired. I now have heat that turns off when not required and I don’t have to use the breaker panel to keep from being cooked alive. So good news!

Yesterday was a bit of a bust. A sleepless night as insomnia raises its ugly head. I blamed the heat, but I fear the responsibility lies with my busy brain. This morning while I sip my less than perfect coffee I am watching the sunshine creep up the hill to me. I am in the shadow of the “mountain” on which stands Moosehide Slide. It’s a bit like watching the tide come in on Fundy. I look away and when I look back, the sunshine has crept even closer. Remember playing “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” and trying to creep as close to the “wolf” before he shouts “time to eat you” and you run back to the starting line before he can grab you? I think the sunshine is engaging in the same kind of play with me. I love the sunshine. I must express my affection for it because before too long it will be very hard to find.

So yesterday was a stay in day for the most part. I took photos of the inside of the house to remind me that someone had a sense of humour.

First off, is Pierre Berton’s typewriter. Very cool. Inspiring.

Pierre Berton's typewriter

The typewriter sits on a table beneath the side window in the living room right next to a plant that I must try to remember to water. Plants in my house are usually gasping for a drink and I only notice them when a remaining thread hangs over the side of the pot like a limp sleeve from a pair of pyjamas. I can’t be trusted when it comes to potted plants. I gave up long ago. We can’t be all things.

sense of humour 1

I’m not exactly sure how long the Irish Whiskey has been here on the Berton desk, but safe to say I won’t be sampling it. As I sit and write and it catches my eye I do giggle. And is there really such a thing as a tortured metaphor? Aren’t all metaphors tortured?

Sense of humour 2

Two pillows adorn the comfy chairs in the living room, an absolute sign that someone stayed here with a healthy sense of humour. And Truman Capote was quite right. There are days when I am merely exercising my wrist as what appears on the page has no resemblance to writing.

Sense of humour 3

I think Hemingway was quite familiar with the bottle and so perhaps I should heed his advice, though it may be late in the game to change my personal practices.

One shelf of Berton books.jpg

This is just one shelf from the library of books written by Pierre Berton. He wrote fifty. I’d have to live another thousand years to match that record, so I won’t bother to try. I most certainly will read some though and then I can take a piece of Pierre Berton home with me and consider him a friend.

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5 Responses to September 16, 2017

  1. Sandra Brunetta says:

    Filled with envy and pride! How unbelievable that you are there amongst all of this memorabilia. Won’t you have students and classes?

  2. Kate says:

    Wonderful to see all the bits and pieces. Interesting that they’re mostly humorous.
    Me, Myself and I might need a few good jokes to keep them going through the colder and shorter days to come.
    Is there a book on those shelves called ‘All Occasion Cooking : A treasured collection of over 400 recipes from Canadian Kitchens’. In it are recipes from regular Canadians as well as quite a few famous ones. Margaret Atwood, Frank Augustyn, Gordie Howe, Karen Kain, Bobby Orr and Pierre Burton to name only a few.
    Pierre’s Corned Beef Hash is one of our go to winter comfort recipes as much for the way it is written as a story as for the wonderful results. If you don’t have it there I will send it. You will definitely want to make it after you read Pierre’s homage to that humble dish and I’m sure there must be a source of corned beef somewhere in Dawson City.

    • I don’t see that particular book within the collection here. Sounds like a real page turner. 🙂
      I’ve been here 11 days and I’ve made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, cinnamon buns and butterscotch pie. Only a few cinnamon buns remain in the freezer. Perhaps I should broaden my culinary creations. ha ha

      • Kate says:

        I don’t know…those all sound pretty great. The cinnamon buns would have been the first to go if I’d been there 🙂

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