September 13, 2017

I took myself out for breakfast this morning. It sounds like a normal thing to do, I realize, but it takes a lot of convincing on my part. The awkwardness of being shy holds me back. But I did it. Perhaps an award should be in my future.

Cheechako's Bake Shop

I had a lovely breakfast at Cheechako’s Bake Shop. An egg and bacon on a home-made english muffin.  Yummy!

Not very many were up on my walk to the bakery. It was still slightly dark. Up on the hill northeast of town is a slide called Moosehide Slide. It may look like man interfered with nature here, but it is a prehistoric landslide, naturally occurring and surrounded by legend. This is “a natural landslide in mega proportions” and a sight that welcomed weary First Nations peoples and gold-seekers home.

Moosehide Slide from Yukon River

I think I’ve covered every inch of Dawson City on foot. I’m finding it hard to sit at my desk as I see sunshine out the window because I know … this won’t last. The wind will soon be howling and then I’ll have lots of time to hunker down to work.


I think this is called The Dome, but I can’t be sure.

Jack London Square

This is Jack London’s Museum, a favourite of visitors.

I circumnavigated Dawson City today  by taking the Ninth Avenue Trail behind me all the way around to the Yukon River.

Overlooking town from Ninth Ave Trail

Above is the view of town from the trail. I am looking up river toward the Klondike River.

looking downstream Yukon River from Ninth Ave Trail

Above is the view of the Yukon River looking down river to the north.

took ferry ride across The Yukon River

I took a ferry ride across the Yukon River where the highway continues toward Alaska, toward the Top Of The World Highway.

I finished my walk on Eight Avenue where I was going to stop for tea, but I’m pretty sure no one is home.

No One Is Home

Then down the steps and I’m home!

Ninth Avenue Trail behind my house

It’s been a full day.  I’m pooped.  zzzzzz

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2 Responses to September 13, 2017

  1. Sandra Brunetta says:

    I’ve enjoyed walking through Dawson City with you; yet another beautiful part of our world! Would have loved a taste of your morning breakfast. You are wise to acclimate before your work begins. Sunshine may not last, and it will be easier to ‘settle in’ once you are a ‘resident’. Enjoy, keep posting, we are so proud of you.

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