September 11, 2017

I actually got some work done today. That may be overstating it.

I visited the “Danoja Zho Cultural Centre”, which is the gateway to the Tr’ondek Hwech’in heritage story who occupied their traditional territory here for more than 10,000 years, including the displacement caused by the gold rush and the painful stories of residential schools.

Cultural Centre

I watched a very informative film by videographer Lulu Keating. The film explained how Klondike is actually a mispronunciation of the First Nations name. The Tr’ondek Hwech’in lived where the Klondike River flows into the Yukon River, for the fish, for the waterways.

I saw this poem at the Cultural Centre. It gave no credit to the author, but I thought it so lovely I had to share.

Willow poem

I hiked along the river and the current of The Yukon is very determined, reminding me of Rainy River that hurried past my childhood farm.

The Yukon River



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2 Responses to September 11, 2017

  1. Kate says:

    A beautiful poem about a very useful plant. It’s one of my favourites. Love the photo of the river with the mountain background. The other day I looked over the Dawson City website and there is an aerial photo of the city with the river curving around and I thought to myself ‘ There’s a place that must be used to regular flooding’.

  2. Shirley Bower says:

    Love reading your blog!
    The pictures are amazing! Looks and sounds wonderful!
    Enjoy everyday!
    Love to you

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