Gratitude – Post 75 – Wishes

I am a grateful for my new favourite book. I stumbled upon it while visiting Linden. I encouraged him on to my knee to help me read this fine story with the beautiful illustrations. We shared the message of this book over and over and I will never tire of the thoughts that Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld put on the page. I Wish You More. It is a wonderful book and if you get a chance buy it, read it regularly and put it on your shelf within easy reach for those days when you need a little reminder to think of others ahead of yourself, when you want to shrink what worries you, when you want to focus on those things that really matter. Read it before you go to sleep to set your dreams in the right direction and read it when you wake up so that your day is started on the right foot. Share this book with those who matter to you to let them know you wish them more joy than sorrow.

I Wish You More

            I think of the cluster of faces that enrich my life, who make every day more than the day before, who make my day better by them merely being in it. These are for you.

I wish you more nothing but net moments than missing the backboard, more dog than hair, more smiles than cavities, more yes than no, more sunshine than clouds, more green lights on the way to work than red, more peeing in the potty than oops, more scores than penalties, more flowers than weeds, more sleep than staring, more line drives than pop-ups, more apple than worm, more greens than sand traps, more belief than doubt, more blueberries than hornets, more skipping than tripping, more breeze than wind, more showers than downpours, more piano playing than vacuuming, more understanding than confusion, more ice cream cones than medicine, more flying than being stuck, more smiles than tears, more frogs than toads, more picnics than ants, more dreams than nightmares, more words than writer’s block, more cheques than bills, more encouragement than criticism, more interpretive dance than grumpy, more celebration than judgment, more squeaky clean than dust, more kite flying than cleaning, more skipping than trudging, more bounce than blisters, more silly than serious. And perhaps most of all I wish you more belonging than longing.

If I could I would take Amy and Tom out for tea and I would thank them for wishing me more, for wishing all readers more.

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2 Responses to Gratitude – Post 75 – Wishes

  1. Sandra Brunetta says:

    Oh I love this one. So many have floated over this part of gratitude … Thank you for introducing me to Amy and Tod. Great post. Big love to you. Aunt

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