Gratitude – Post 65 – Fall Leaves

I am grateful for fall leaves, for the colours and the crunch and the smell. It is impossible to be grumpy when reds and yellows and oranges and browns and greens are strewn in front of my feet as I stumble down the path with Gracie for our morning walk. Nothing can weigh me down in these moments, not the bills piled up on my desk, not the missing my daughters, not the incessant cat and dog hair swirling about in my home. None of it. Everything is perfect for those seconds when the sun makes all the colours vibrant and crisp and absolutely beautiful.

2015 10 30 walking path

All too soon the wind and the rain and the snow and the cold will take these amazing colours and press them into the forest floor and they will become something else, will create a bed for new trees to start life, for all manner of life so today and for now I will enjoy them and remember the bouquets of fall leaves I gathered so many many years ago and I will be glad.

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