Gratitude – Post 43 – Protesting Monsanto

I am grateful for those individuals who took a stand alongside me on May 24th to respectfully demand the evil corporate monster Monsanto hear our cries of “foul”.

It was cold in Halifax, threatening rain, but still we marched to bring attention to this very important subject of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), foods (both plant and animal) created by the merging of DNA from different species.

2014 05 24 Monsanto protest C

The first GMO appeared in 1994. Twenty years later almost all of the processed foods we eat in North American have GMO ingredients in them. GMO seeds proclaimed themselves to be the answer to world hunger with increased yields when using pesticide and herbicide resistant seeds and therefore, decreased costs to the farmer. The result was a resounding NO! And instead, an increased dependency upon and the increased use of chemicals has resulted, with greater cost and greater damage to the environment and just exactly what these foods are doing to our health has not been determined. These concerns should raise everyone’s ire, not just those who gather to protest.

2014 05 24 Monsanto protest B

Monsanto owns about 86% of all the GMO seeds that are planted on this planet and it is the mother of RoundUp, a nasty nasty predator on our environment. Many countries have demanded the labelling of GMO foods. Not so in Canada. Why? A very good question and one that I hope the protest marches against Monsanto will bring an answer to.

2014 05 24 Monsanto protest

Manufacturers in Canada are required to tell us what is in the mattresses we tuck our children into at night, but they need not tell us what is in the food we feed our children.

Thank goodness for those who bring this information to light so the rest of us can gather and demand changes.

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