Gratitude – Post 42 – Motherhood

I am grateful for motherhood. Not because of the bouquet of wild flowers and cheerful weeds that my four sets of little hands picked for me over the years, not because of the soggy toast and too-runny eggs served to me for breakfast all those years ago, not for the hand-crafted cards telling me what I may have done right, not for for the forgiveness for the things I did wrong, not for the phone calls on Mother’s Day that remind me of the connection that can never be severed, not for the memories of little girls sneaking into the bathtub behind me while I tried to have a few moments to myself, not for the ice cold little legs that snuck into bed with me when a bad dream had come out of the dark, not for the laughter between the four of them that could melt my heart and even now the sound still does. I am grateful for these things, these memories that define my life. But on Mother’s Day I am grateful for the core of motherhood, the waking on every single day and knowing that there are four lives that come ahead of my own, four lives that I am hard-wired to protect even when I have failed to do so, four lives that I raise up as evidence that I had courage, that I took a chance to make the world better by bringing them into it. I am grateful that motherhood made me want to be perfect even though I fell far short of the mark. I am grateful for motherhood that keeps me trying to get it right. I am grateful for motherhood that has me wanting to be the very best version of myself. Happy Mother’s Day to me and all mothers who know what I mean.

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One Response to Gratitude – Post 42 – Motherhood

  1. Alison Rowe says:

    Well said, my friend! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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