Gratitude – Post 29 – Christmas

It’s easy to be grateful this time of year no matter which angle you may come from. Even the scrooges among us (or within us) are grateful that the Christmas music in the malls and stores has stopped.

I am always shocked by the speed with which Christmas takes its leave. In early December Christmas is a formidable glow on the horizon, a long way off, a bit like a rising sun that requires lists and plans and budgets and harnessing the wishes and …

And suddenly … it has come and gone.

A few ingredients go into creating the perfect Christmas, none of which involve your credit card.

Start with a base of memories, the good ones, complete with childhood wonder and anticipation wrapped in Perry Como’s Night Before Christmas.

Stir gently.

the three snowmen

Follow with a generous serving of hand-made ornaments, possibly the odd soap flakes snowman missing his eye and arm, a felt Santa, a Christmas tree painting entitled Christmas Trees and Present, IMG_4412and a couple of stained glass art pieces. Christmas Mantha

Christmas Aimee

Top with a dollop of daughters, the larger the better, four if at all possible, but be very grateful for any size dollop of daughters and then fold gently with arms surrounding the whole creation and I guarantee your heart will be grateful for another 365 days.

Laurie ornament

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  1. doug CURRIE says:

    That is proper lovely

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