Grateful – Post 12

I am grateful for CBC Radio, beyond grateful actually. I’m not even sure of a word that would describe my tremendous appreciation for CBC Radio. There isn’t a single time when I tune in that I don’t learn something of value, that my day hasn’t been enriched in some recognizable manner.

I’ve listened to CBC Radio for years. It is the only radio I do listen to, and I have my favourites:

Jian Ghomeshi and his gentle but keen voice. He has occupied the top of my list of favourite Canadians for some time, those I would like to know more of, listen to, ask questions of. I picture myself sitting down with Jian and my note pad and asking him a wide variety of questions and he would thoughtfully answer them and I would let the sound of his voice flow into my memory banks where I would lock it up tight.

Kevin Sylvester is my favourite Sports guy. He often does other fill-in spots and I always want to clap my hands when I hear his voice come on the radio unexpected. He has great wit and a positive attitude about sports and about life in general. He is the kind of Canadian who still builds a backyard skating rink every winter despite the uncooperative climate.

Shelagh Rogers and Anna Maria Tremonti and Michael Enright are gems, bringing their vast experience and knowledge to the air.  I suppose my all-time favourite would have to be Peter Gzowski, who felt like a friend when I tuned in, for whom I felt real grief at his early and untimely death. But all of these individuals form the dream-team of my favourite radio cast, whose intelligence and wit I depend upon.

CBC is a Canadian institution and it is under constant threat from the Harper government and I fear for CBC’s future and that fear then extends to my own quality of life. CBC inspires me to feel proudly Canadian, of the flag-waving variety, of the cheering kind when I listen to CBC Radio and my heart is most definitely grateful.

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2 Responses to Grateful – Post 12

  1. Alison Rowe says:

    Oh Wendi, I couldn’t agree more! I sometimes plan my day around my favourite CBC programs. I love Radio two and I have found such great music on the morning and afternoon shows. And I also love Jian (who doesn’t?!). You are right that they are like friends. They are more a part of the fabric of my days than some of my actual friends. Keeps us all connected as Canadians. Hope Harper does not get his way with the CBC!!!!

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