Gratitude – Post 10

I am grateful for back to school sales. I love freshly sharpened pencils and crisp clean paper and lime green folders and orange and yellow folders and firm erasers and colourful paper clips. I can’t help myself. Going to an office supply store is akin to a trip to a spa or buying a new hat or having gone on a sunny vacation in the cold dead of winter and the best part is: the price.

This year I plan to treat myself to the 64-pack of Crayola crayons. A treat I have coveted for over fifty years. It’s time. And nothing says order like a new hardy ruler at the ready should I need to draw a straight line. I’ll buy flash drives, just one or two, three at the most, to back up files, to save photos, to sit neatly in a drawer.

I’ll want to buy binders, ones with large circles or wide stripes, in colours that shout and laugh, but I won’t buy any. I’ll resist because I have a good healthy supply.

Journals will be on sale and I’ll be tempted, but I’ll chant and meditate and count the clean empty journals I have sitting on my shelf waiting to record just the right kind of thoughts. I’ll not buy any. I’ll want to, I’ll run my fingers over their thick covers and smell their fresh clean pages. I’ll sigh and resist. Maybe one, just one. After all, it’s back to school time and I’m oh so grateful.

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