Gratitude – Post 1

I hope you found me here okay and your journey to my blog didn’t involve using your GPS or a treasure map (though a treasure map sounds deliciously fun … four paces beyond the third maple where the hoot owl roosts at a full moon).

I woke up this morning, first and foremost before I began the roll call of my aches and pains, to start my Monday morning mental list of gratitudes. This morning was particularly easy as I attended a movie last evening hosted by the Fundy Film Society, a repertoire theatre, showcasing a French film La Fee (The Fairy), a film that displayed a huge heaping helping of whimsy. If you get the chance, watch it. You’ll laugh. Like most European film-makers, ordinary human beings were cast and put in extraordinary circumstances. Three French friends created this film; the three directed the film, wrote the screenplay and starred in it. French with English subtitles, but very little dialogue. It was fabulous fun.

The second thing I am grateful for, aside of our Canadian health care system that saw me off to the physiotherapist to address the pain in my left hand since a nasty fall five months ago. Nothing like procrastination.  I am not grateful for my tendency to procastinate. I’m not grateful at all for that.  But I am grateful for physiotherapists and doctors who listen to my complaints and treat accordingly and it is part of the package of being a Canadian. I don’t have to donate a kidney to pay for such benefits. But I digress.

You may have seen zooming around the internet or on Facebook the photos of German artists who are decorating the trailers that follow around behind huge trucks. The artwork is exceptional; the images appear three-dimensional. I hope drivers don’t crash into each other seeing these trucks pass by, but they really are something. Someone decided in the dark of night while they were doing their best thinking: why not cheer up the landscape where these mighty trucks travel (who seem more often than not a huge annoyance on the road) and transfer their trailers into an artist’s canvas. Check it out when you get a chance; google will help you find it.

And I am grateful for Al Simmons, an adult who has not lost sight of his ability to play and laugh and pull pranks. He is wonderful and if he ever comes to your town, buy a ticket and go.  You will come home feeling lighter, younger, refreshed and restored. I guarantee it.  Go to and see if he is coming to a stage near you.

Those are the three things I thought of this morning before I rolled out of bed. Of course it goes without saying that a pot of coffee is on and I can smell it before I stagger to the kitchen.

And I am grateful for you, for coming here to read.  Thank you!

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