A New Year

It’s January 10th and I’m fairly certain it will be weeks, perhaps many weeks before I master writing 2013. It feels foreign and awkward and I’m not sure where 1998 went. It’s not that I resist the marching on of time, but sometimes I do get blindsided, as if I wasn’t aware that another month had passed. 

I have big plans for January. So far those big plans are still on the “to do” list rather than being on the “doing” list.  Sad, but true.

Oh sure, I want to be more fit and less of a couch potato and more of a living-in-the-moment kind of person. But eating sensibly and with health in mind is at the very top of my list. It’s not so that I will fit into a bikini or even discover I have a waist, but rather a choice that will benefit me and the planet. I no longer wish to eat those animals that have not been raised by a kind hand, a caring hand. That may mean I no longer wish to eat animals. 

Fresh and raw and non-processed. These are my criteria. Wheat is the problem for me. I believe we aren’t friends yet it’s a tough relationship to break. We’ve been together for so long and I’m having a hard time saying farewell. 

It’s only January 10th. I can still do it.  There’s really no limit to the things each of us can do if we put our minds to it.  Or what’s left of my mind.

Good luck to you and good luck to me.

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