September hadn’t even begun when I wrote my last blog. If I died tomorrow I certainly won’t be remembered for my blogging. But it begs the question? What will I be remembered for?  

I won’t think about that now. I am on a new eating regime. To feel better. At 57 one would think that I would have figured this out, but alas, old habits just keep on keeping on. 

This is day 5 of no wheat and minimum of three cups of water.  Minimum.  I do feel better. I do feel a bit newer, a little fresher, a little less cramped.  I’m also taking probiotics so I can’t be completely certain to which I can give credit. Maybe both. 

My staying power, willpower, call it what you will, usually fades about day eight or nine.  So we’ll see, we’ll see if I have the stamina, the mental strength to continue on this path. I hope so. I’ve let myself down on so many occasions that it would be nice to say I licked this one, that I came out on top. 

Not that anyone is reading this but I hope when I come back to read it myself I will say, oh yes, I remember when I was just starting out on this path and look at me now.  We have to hold hope up wherever it is, for it to shine and lead us.  Even little tiny pieces of hope. 

I hope your day is hopeful.


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