I am negligent. There is no other way to rephrase it. I think about writing for my blog, but thinking is not followed through by action so ….

A new month begins tomorrow.  September is a great new month because it usually means a lot of new things.  Back to school. Beginning of fall. New colours in the trees. Many things.  So … I shall begin in earnest tomorrow to be a better blogger.

I walked 50 minutes today. With my dog. And the whole way around my “route” I confirmed that I would do this often, though not every day. I would walk, walk away from the doldrums, walk away from a few pounds. September is going to be great.

The funny thing about September? Every August I feel completely despondent, feeling as though everything good is ending with August. I have felt this way since 1979. I remember the day exactly, when John Denver was crooning on the radio about it being “oh so sad to see the summer end” and I cried, big tears, big sobs right into my pillow.

But what I forget every single August is that September comes next and September is wonderful. September is back to school stuff with new paper and new pencils and new erasers and new hope and new plans and new ideas and new energy and new ambition and  new weather and a new sun. By about September 2nd or 3rd I am ecstatic that it is September. But come next August, I will have forgotten and will cry again and beg August not to go.

It’s all madness.

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